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Damas Cafe and Restaurant



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    Jahnoy A (Jahnoy) img 1

    WORST place to get food from. Got a delivery from this place and I regretted it big time. The food was THE worst, ordered fish and chips and this was frozen and uncooked. The chicken I ordered was raw and bloody, the chips was soggy the food was just greasy all over. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE.

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    Care Takers - People Who Care img 5

    Very good halal food,

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    Rakhesh Rao img 5

    This unassuming cafe is hiding what is another hidden gem in Northolt. This is a cafe run by a Syrian expat whose attention to detail is nothing less than what you might expect in a top restaurant in the city. Granted this is all done in a take away container, but the quality and quantity of food is amazing. Dare I say this is almost the best Syrian food I have had on this side of London.

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    Ess Ldn img 1

    First time ordering and had to review this! A chainsaw couldn’t cut the ‘lamb shish’!. This meat must be a month old. Cabbage was off too.. chicken and kofte was extremely dry! Didn’t eat the food. Just wasted money. Genuinley used to Love Lebanese food but I’ll stick to Turkish in future.. do not waste your money

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    Souha Najjar img 1

    Bought falafel from that place! I was charged £5 for 10 pieces... he used his bare hands to hold the falafel! He put some very watery dip that he called Homous “neither the texture or the taste were good” next to the hot falafel in the same container and by the time i got home they were all soggy! the display was so unappealing and I had to point out that the mushed up vine leaves shouldn’t be there and their Batata Harra looks nothing like like the normal... it’s a shame though it should be my local restaurant coz it’s just round the corner! But never again... wasn’t a nice experience ????????????????