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    theqwertyguy00 img 5

    Highly recommend this place. We ordered the Qabali Polo and Mantus which were both delicious. This place is a must try for authentic Afghan cuisine. 10/10

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    Naqib Jaji img 5

    Was recommended by one of my work colleague. I really love the way they cooked Qabuli Palow. I will highly Recommend this place to any one.

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    A Daniel img 5

    Went to this restaurant for lunch. Every item we ordered were made fresh. Among started Falafels were out favourite, I've never tasted such tasty and crispy Falafels , there was something very special in the recipe. Or may be its just the chef's love and care!! Among the mains , Kabuli Pulao rice and Salmon Kebab with special Afghani rice was our favourite. Had some mint yoghurt drink which was nice and also the Afghani halwa. Best of the drinks were the milky tea , it was so special . They served tea in a big pot for us to share , it was lovely. yum . Will definitely recommend this for lunch/dinner/tea. Service was great too , but we couldnt pay much attention as we just got carried away with the food .

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    Azlan img 5

    A nice new family owned restaurant. I had the Mantu which was served with a really nice yogurt sauce and lentils. The rice was cooked perfectly and the kebab was seasoned nicely. I look forward to seeing where this little cafe goes.

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    Najma Lubica img 5

    Freshly cooked, big portions, heavenly taste, friendly service, great value for money. It was my first and exceptional experience yesterday. I have ordered Quabuli Palow dish and all my excpectations were exceeded. And I got a dessert on the house. Thank you.