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Rainbar Bar and Restaurant



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    Prad img 1

    Ordered a take away Desi chicken tasted stale, swimming in oil, Veg curry the same, Tarka Dahl same colour as the chicken curry, never seen anything like, it tested like the veg curry awful, butter naan like rubber, no resemblance of any taste I’ve ever come across. Called the restaurant to come pick up their food but was met with rude answer and to take up my problem with Uber. Luckily Uber refunded me. Went to bed with a bad stomach and hungry.

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    Mayor Bayswater img 5

    Decided to venture into this little hidden gem on THURSDAY. ( not sure I will be on it super packed on the weekend ) It didn’t look that appealing from the outside but I had heard from various friends that they absolutely loved the food ! I’m so glad we popped in for a quick bite. The chicken Tikka was so beautifully marinated and delicious. The marinade was infused all the way through the meat and not just coated on the exterior whilst leaving a bland taste inside. It came hot, fresh and sizzling on the plate. The photo attached has not been photo shot as it really was steaming hot !! The service was very friendly and unpretentious. We were not made to rush our meal or pushed to keep ordering more drinks. We especially enjoyed the paneer and Gira Chicken and Desi Chicken . It was an interesting menu with a Chinese fusion twist. ( though overall, I prefered to stick to the Indian only dishes) I would thoroughly recommend this place. Be aware that it’s not an incredibly fancy high-end joint but has the initial feel of the working man’s club. That being said it has a great quaint atmosphere with superb food and great service. Best if all - they stocked Our favourite Brands of quality spirits !

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    Ricky Tailor img 5

    I just want to say a very big thank you to Keval and his team for being our live chef at my Mendhi Night at home. They made excellent quality food life in front of the guests which was a very big wow factor. This is the second time I’ve used Keval and never let us down. He always provides a first class service and accommodates your requirements. Live Dosa station is amazing to watch but most importantly they have to be the tastiest Dosa’s I’ve ever had. Everyone has great reviews of the food like always. We ordered Dosa Station Live, Chilli Paneer, Masala Mogo, Chips and their special Pan Puri Shots (with vodka). Dosa’s were made fast so there was not even a long queue even though it was feeding 120 guests. Chilli Paneer and Masala Mogo tasted excellent like always. Keval also bought his own marquee to cook under which was brilliant.

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    Hash Kanbi img 3

    Was quiet with only a few regular drinkers from what I could see. Only went in for a few drink which was good as outside seating was available on a lovely summer afternoon. Worth a trip.

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    Ashvin Chauhan img 5

    We had a small catering and these guys delivered!. I spoke to Keval who was away and I made a request and they provided amazing food. They were very accomodating with excellent service. Thank you very much. Your food was very taste and appreciated by all. I would recommend them anytime.