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Uban Cleaning



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    Dan Rose img 3

    Comes recommend, although they wouldn't cover my area even though their site says they do so can't really comment on the cleaning service. App is also very buggy and crashes.

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    Simon Elliott img 1

    The quality of the cleaners can be good however due to high staff turnover at this company (which past cleaners have advised us is due to them expecting their cleaning staff to travel uneconomically large distances between jobs) there are frequent changes thus interludes of far less proficient staff. However, the real issue with this company is the quality of the service the back office provide. What should be a hassle free experience is unfailingly abrupt and unprofessional. When the surcharge for paying via debit card was made illegal, they introduced a 3% 'admin fee' to get around this. When we informed that our cleaner was sick or did to turn up, they still charged and despite chasing (which many would not have time to do) took several months to credit back against future invoices. When we cancelled our services they continued to charge our card including an invoice dated for January 2019 (it is November at the time of writing / charging). There are plenty of excellent cleaners in London, the commission that this company earn off their hard work is not deserved and I do not recommend their services to anyone. Whilst there are other reviews on this page research shows many be linked in some way or another to the owner of this business and should not be taken with any weight of seriousness.

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    Shlomi Rokach img 1

    Cancelled 3 times in 2 weeks will definitely not be using again. Shocking customer service. Would give 0 rating if possible.

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    Angela Sandler img 5

    Efficiently run outfit. I’ve been using their services for years and all the cleaners they have sent to me have been good workers but more importantly for me - lovely girls!

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    Ruksan Ravindran img 2

    Wasn’t happy with the amount of cleaning that was done in the 3 hours I booked the cleaner for. She just about cleaned the stove top, the worktop in the kitchen and mopped the floor. Will not be going with this agency again.