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Kenton Solicitors



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    One of the receptionists didn’t know where we had to pay at the end and made it very awkward. Solicitor was quite rude and I’ve attended on multiple occasions to close a personal matter. They became more and more annoyed at us for attending, despite prearranging the appointment, being given an appointment time and paying on each visit. They outwardly said we were wasting their time. Only one of the receptionists here is nice, always smiling and polite - otherwise this would be a 1 star review.

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    During my visit to Kenton Solicitors for some professional assistance. I was received by the trainee solicitor Miss Baneen Shah who was very gracious to welcome me. I am beholden to her for her professional capabilities. I also met the partner of the firm - Mr Irshad A Malik sho has impressed me by his legal knowledge and upright advice.

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    Wanted to get a Will done quickly- Baneen was absolutely superb with her expertise.

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    The staff are wonderful here. They dealt with my probate matter outstandingly - Merchant and Baneen were extremely professional.

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    Here at Kenton Solicitors - the workplace and colleagues are brilliant. I would definitely come again and would recommend Mr Mahmood, Baneen and Daniyal.