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    Nin Ka img 1

    I was going to take a short English course in London. I found this school via the internet and contacted them. They made me pay half of the total amount (course fee and the accommodation fee) which was meant to be returned if my visa is refused. After my visa was refused I immediately contacted the school and asked for a refund. They are taking an age to answer and finally, the school refused to issue me any refund. It is over 900 GBP which is significant for me amount. My emails are ignored and my questions are not answered. They are scammers. Strongly recommend visa nationals avoid this school.

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    Pakiza Aliyeva img 3

    I took brief IELTS course there which was waste of money for me. If you need higher academic pass rate i wouldn't recommend to go there. I was quite clear with my requirements and been assured that i will get training that i was looking for but unfortunately training wasn't advance at all. In fact if you need to pass somewhere between 5.5 - 6.5 then this place is great but I had to get 7.5 so it was waste my time and money. In the end I had to revise at home to get 8.5 academic.

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    Gemma img 1

    I have still not heard back about my ACCA exam which I was supposed to sit in MARCH. I have sent countless emails since March and been ignored. I was told I'd be able to sit the exam in August (and that someone would get back to me with a date) before being totally ignored again for another 4 months. I would like my money back but no one will answer the phone or respond to my emails.

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    Reeves Xu img 5

    I studied there recently, absolutely great environment. I like to thank you KKCL for help me on my english scores.Teachers are really helpful. Courses are well designed. If you looking for a great pass rate and high IELTS scores, KKCL is a fantastic choice.

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    Monika Sardo img 5

    Did General English here, recommend. I enjoyed the classes. I appreicate the teaching methods of our teachers. The course was interesting, challenging, interactive. I learnt a lot of things that is useful for my daily use of English.