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    Nature Lover img 5

    Hi ADC Management, Thank you very much for the Huge experienced and the great opportunity being part of your Erasmus Program. (September 22- October 12, 2019)

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    Silvia Munteanu img 5

    This internship helped the participants to acquire new teaching methods and techniques. It is a plus to their CV, the perfect occasion to become better professionals, as well as better people. This experience helped the students be happy among special people, it was a dream come true, an incredible experience, full of unforgettable memories and events, a story to be told to everybody. (Silvia Munteanu, Project Coordinator, Romania)

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    darbo img 3

    I was on a 1-month internship in London and ADC helped me out a lot with that. The company ADC assigned me to, was extremely good. All of my colleagues were very friendly and kind, and we had a good time together. I highly recommend them. Furthermore, I have heard from friends, who also were on a 1-month internship in London via ADC, that their companies were really good too, so ADC seems to have some good connections. What I wasn't so pleased with, which is also the reason I am only giving them 3 stars, is the communication and help ADC provides. I myself had some issues with the tasks I have been given at my company, or rather the lack of tasks, and so I phoned/emailed ADC about it, but they couldn't really do much, or weren't willing to. Also, I tried to ring them up a few times, but either nobody picked up, or they hung up fairly quickly, after not hearing from me, because I was going through a tunnel at the time. So that needs to be improved on. Furthermore, sometimes the feedback emails sent out to me by ADC either didn't contain a link or the link wasn't working, so I had troubles filling it out, and in addition to that, I couldn't phone them either to fix it, because see above. Other than that, everything worked out well and I do recommend ADC to anyone wanting to do work abroad in London.

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    Laura Kolbe img 5

    The ADC Collage made a 3 week internship in London happen for me. It was an amazing experience. The Service from ADC was just great! The team put so much work and effort into their work. I could feel that they enjoy what they do, which is giving young adults the opportunity to experience a new culture, lifestyle and get an insight on different traditions. The host family and the company were arranged smoothly and flawlessly. The English courses where very practical, easy to understand and very FUN!! Thanks to the alternating schedule we had enough time to see London at any time of the day. I'm so glad ADC offers their service and do such a great job of it. I recommend the Collage to everybody who is up for Adventure and can’t wait to see what’s out there! You won’t regret it!

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    Florian Held img 5

    Hey Guys, that's my third week of four while I'm doing an internship in London organized by ADC! Until now I enjoyed my time very much. I can recommend to all who want to improve their English. You'll have a lot of fun in doing that together with a very great Team of ADC. They're always polite and open-minded. Your project is in professional hands and will be in your satisfaction. I'm looking forward to visiting London and the ADC again. Thanks a lot! "ADC YOU ARE THE BEST TEAM I MET IN THE UK"