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    Rishi Vithlani img 5

    We love Gujutots. We’ve started Gujutots online during the pandemic with our daughter who was then 9 months old and moved to face to face classes when she was 2. Classes are always engaging and a great way to learn Gujarati using nursery rhymes which we all know and love. Ideal for both the youngsters and the adults. It’s helped our little one learn about the language and culture and taught us a thing or two. Along the way. Especially my wife who is not Gujarati and has started learning how to speak along side our daughter. Classes are just the right length of time and flow perfectly to keep young minds engaged. Highly recommend getting the CDs or downloading the songs from iPlayer to play in the car as it keeps little ones entertained at the same time as learning. Smitty your doing a great job and we Thankyou so much.

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    Rishil Patel img 5

    Gujutots has been amazing in introducing Gujarati to my daughter. The songs and teaching style is unique and always keeps the children engaged. It’s a fantastic way to introduce the language in a fun way. The teacher, Smitty, is patient and great with children. She also has an in-depth knowledge in the language and is able to teach the children well. My daughter always wants to listen to her songs in the car!

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    Tanvi Shah img 5

    Gujutots is an amazing class for children (or adults) to attend that want to learn Gujarati and about the Indian culture and traditions. Smitty is an excellent teacher who has a warm and friendly manner with the children. Her classes are also fun and she teaches through song and story too which helps the children remember the new vocabulary. I would highly recommend this class to any parent that wants to teach their child Gujarati but needs that extra support outside the home. There are also songs available on iTunes to download which are very engaging and easy to learn. An added bonus is that classes are available online or face to face for different levels to suit your needs as a family.

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    Charishma Chauhan img 5

    Gujutots is a wonderful modern way for kids to learn and enjoy speaking in Gujarati. The props, songs and presentation in each class is fun, relatable, colourful and very child friendly. It's an interactive class on-line and each week has a different theme and activity with beautiful props to support the class learning, which helps kids to visually learn the language too. Props are also used from my kids toy box which makes the learning easier and more fun. Smitty has a wonderful way of engaging with the children in class and her songs are brilliant. We always look forward to Gujutots and highly recommend this class.

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    Preeti Raghwani img 5

    Smitty is an amazing teacher and educator. My little one loves learning with and from her. Her lessons are not only interactive but a whole lot of fun too. My little one started speaking a lot more Gujarati since starting and continues to build on her skills beautifully under Smitty's guidance! Just such a fun way of learning our culture values and our native language all in one platform!