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Vaani - The Language School



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    Shamini Rajan img 5

    I have just completed my first term of Hindi classes with Bhavini and can definitely say she is a fantastic teacher and the classes are 100% worth it! I’ve grown up watching Bollywood films but cannot speak Hindi and have never had to, as it’s not my mother tongue. After 10 lessons, I am now able to put sentences together (though there’s a lot more practice required for me!) and understand SO MUCH more when I listen to songs and watch films. It’s such a great feeling and it’s led me to continue on to term 2 next week. I’m very excited and would like to wholeheartedly thank Bhavini for being so patient and helpful during, and after, lessons.

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    priya jadeja img 5

    I joined Vaani language school as I wanted to learn Hindi. I was quite anxious in joining as I don’t see myself as linguistic and don’t feel I catch on very quickly with languages but Bhavini made me feel so relaxed and was so patient during the classes. I liked that the class was really interactive with the other students and the little quizzes she added during the class really allowed me to practice everything I was learning so far. I would definitely recommend Bhavini if you are wanting to learn Hindi.

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    Sonia Mehta img 5

    Bhavini is a brillliant teacher. She explains so well and is patient as we, the students, try to take in the information. The classes are fun, creative and interactive, and at the same a great learning experience. Each week I have gained more confidence in speaking and understanding Hindi and it is all thanks to Bhavini. I am going into my third term now and I still look forward to the class each week!

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    outputformat img 5

    I did two terms of Hindi lessons with Bhavini and would recommend if you are a beginner who is interested in learning or whether you know a little bit here and there but want to get a proper understanding. The classes and well organised and structured and she makes sure that everybody participates and can understand their mistakes. The group format makes it fun and we got to keep our notes which we received at the end of each lesson. These were a really helpful resource that was neatly put together. If you do the small amounts of homework and engage with the classes, you will be on your way to gaining and understanding of Hindi. And she's a very nice person!

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    Neethi Vignesh img 5

    Bhavini is a fantastic teacher and love the way she teaches Hindi to the kids in the most unique way! Gone are the days when we learnt Hindi by rote learning. Bhavini's presentations, videos, poems and fun songs make it thoroughly enjoyable for kids while ensuring they learn the concepts well!