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OME School of English



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    María De Abreu img 5

    A Great English Language School! I attended for almost 2 years and the teachers are really helpful, also the owner is a really nice and funny guy. During my time at OME, I won the neccesary confidence which I needed to start speaking fluently. Definitely I'll come back sometime in the future to revise all the grammar and necessary language skills to survive the day to day in London. Thanks!

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    Mohamed Jebari img 1

    The owner is a dirty old man who gets too close to young ladies. All the students are aware about this and they should speak up.

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    Marija M. Jordanov img 5

    I used to work here, and I still give the school teaching services when needed. Really good atmosphere, nice staff and exceptional owner. The students are lovely and amazing to work with.

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    Jak A-R img 5

    Friendly, excellent students.

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    Jacob Osei Tutu img 3