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Travelodge London Harrow



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    Bridie Bracey img 5

    A lovely receptionist lady who received us when we arrived we are homeless and she went out of her way to help us to speak to our council as they had booked only for two adults and two children and she spoke personally to the council to speak to them and tell them what we needed. The lady's name is Mariana . A wonderful hotel and excellent customer service from her. Thank you so much Marianna God bless you

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    Mike Parsons img 2

    Filthy communal areas, could not believe how disgusting the carpet was. The room was okay, but you can hear the other guests clearly and the road outside is busy. Incredibly disappointed by the breakfast, the pancakes were missing and the crossaints were stodgy some how. The cooked breakfast was okay, but the eggs were over-cooked and the beans disappointing. The coffee machine provided half a cup of latte and the juice glasses are thimbles.

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    Manfredi Mancuso img 1

    I can't believe the 4-star reviews for such an awful hotel. The room looked, felt and smelled filthy. When I arrived, there were food crumbles all over the dirty carpet. In one of the corridors there was an unreal stink, like if it was an open dumpster. The staff is probably underpaid because they look miserable and are so rude and unhelpful to be almost surreal: it goes from the bar attendant who doesn't know what they serve and keeps repeating "you need to check the menu" like a broken record, to the cleaners that don't even say hello and throws a bad look at you whenever you need to cross the corridor. The 'best' of them all is probably the receptionist who sees you struggling to open the gate with an infant on your arms (and -5° ouside) and just stares blankly at you. Probably pushing a button to let customers inside the hotel goes way beyond her duties. To be fair there was a very nice guy, however he wasn't part of the staff but a technician trying invain to fix the issue with the dumpster-smelling corridor... Just an awful, awful, awful place. I have been in bad hotels before, but this is now on the top of my personal list.

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    Kieselsteinchen587 img 2

    Of course we didn't expect much when we booked that cheap place but when we entered the Hotel for the first time (and every following time) there was a intense smell like public toilets in the entrance area and some of the hallways. The Wifi is just 30 minutes for free, after that you have to pay for it. The key cards were just partly working and the room was a little poor equipped. No closet or shelves. As the shower courtain didn't keep the water from floating all over the bathroom floor some extra towels beside a small and two big ones for 2 people would have been helpful for drying. Things as an hair dryer needed to be requested at the reception desk. There was a small cooker and some coffee/tea bags. Aircon, normal and USB outlets were provided.

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    William Carter img 4

    Overall it does what it's supposed to. It's cheap and cheerful and had lovely service at reception on check in. Had a key card that let's you in the hotel out of hours which was good. Not too far from public transport and train links into London centre and Wembley. Car park right in front that was a good price and the hotel was outside of the ULEZ/LEZ for my car. Some good restaurants nearby and a decent bar for drinks in the hotel. The hotel room was okay, don't expect it to be 5 stars. Walls are quite thin. It had patches of brush strokes on the ceiling to cover some marks and the carpet is quite used, but none of it bothered me much as the bed was comfy and shower was good. Even over looked the car park to keep an eye on the car. Very satisfied and would book again if in town for football or a concert etc.