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Rising Sun Restaurant & Hotel



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    Sugan Raveen img 1

    Very poor service. In the morning I’ve booked for me and my friend for dinner in the music area. They acknowledged the booking. Around 2pm got a call from reception said they got another booking in the music area with their own music, I was requested to sit in the meeting area (corner room) without music. These people are unreliable focussed only on money not on customer satisfaction. Previous management was the best and the food was up to standard. Current management is useless and lack of communication. Please be careful with future bookings. Call the manager Collin was very rude, I try to explain the situation he didn’t want listen to me he was shouting and disrespectful uncivilized and rude.

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    Atish Mawji img 1

    Stayed for 1 night with my wife. We had a terribly worn mattress, power cuts which meant no lighting in the morning but the sockets worked & there were no sign posts to guide you out. Also curtains wouldn’t draw back fully. The place needs basic upgrades - white paint everywhere, led bright bulbs, simple Ikea decor in each room. The bathroom was horrendous - toilet seat needed fixing & a general revamp is needed. Still awful, wouldn’t recommend & wouldn’t stay here again.

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    Suraj Anuradha Vanniarachchy img 5

    We went on a Thursday where they have an offer of unlimited hoppers and unlimited dosa for £9.99 per person. The food was amazing. They have free parking. The toilets were clean and the staff was very attentive. Giving them 5 stars. They have different offers during the week. The buffet during the weekend is definitely worth trying if you want Sri Lankan food.

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    Selina Figurado img 1

    We booked the restaurant for a birthday party. We were about 35 people and was promised half the restaurant, which ended up being the best solution. The original booking number was 40, but naturally some people could not make it. During the party, I was takes aside by the manager who wanted to take one of our tables because there were "costumers" wating. I said it would be fine as long as he reduce the total number of my booking (with 5 people). He insisted that as long as the tables weren't taken, it "belonged" to him. We had an argument going back and fourth about this table until they brought in another table and placed it on the other side of the restaurant. I could not understand how he could take double pay of this one table that was already booked, and still have another paying customer occupying it. I told him it's either one way or another, he can't have both. Second and probably the worst experiment, they were making multiple excuses to why they had to charge us extra. It startet with a bottle that did not come from their bar, they told me that it was not allowed, which is understandable. They charged 35 pounds, we immediately took responsibility for it and payed to end the situation. Second we had a bill for the drinks that was supposed to have a 30-35 pound limit, I checked in with the bartender and manager twice to ask what the balance of the bill was and it was under the limit (about 27 pounds). When the bill was payed, it ended with a total of over 100 pounds!!!! I do not recommend this place, they charged us an extra 135+ pounds, such money hungry people. The manager was rude and disrespectful. The experience was so unpleased, I was constantly worried about what they had to complain and charge, rather than actually enjoying the party, food and music.

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    SDS img 5

    Great Sri Lankan cuisine in West London. A lot of traveling options to the place. Could book a table online. Fare rates per head. Friendly staff. Tasty food. Good venue for family gatherings. Don't forget to register your vehicle on arrival with the reception .