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Euro Hotel Harrow



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    Meta Man img 1

    This place is the shambles. If you are in a position where you are scraping the barrel with very little choices concerning accommodation then this is the place. Unfortunately I’ve visited this place twice due to the lack of options. The interior design is crude, the plumbing needs desperate attention, cleanliness is nowhere to be found. Instead there’s mould, dirty unclean beds and sheets. It’s quite repulsive actually, even the towels are bad. I would seriously wouldn’t recommend. The owner of the property does not care for the surroundings one bit. The state of this low-level motel is a stark reflection of his attitude. The only good thing is the location. A ten second walk to the station, everything else regarding services is within walking distance because it’s next to a junction. That’s it. If you have any dignity, avoid.

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    mark farrington img 3

    Helpful staff when we need help room that we stayed in was bit like the shinning. nothing like the pictures you see on the site location is by a busy road but there's plenty of shops for food and drinks I'd back if I get a better room

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    Sarath Nair img 5

    Was a good place to stay. Nice and clean with a garden at the backyard. Lots of Indian shops and food available nearby.

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    Disgusting! How can this place be called a hotel?! It looks derelict from the outside (run down, closed curtains and upturned plastic flowers). Give it chance, we thought, we’ve been travelling for 5hrs. Er…don’t bother, it doesn’t get any better. After being greeted by a young girl on a scooter in the hallway, and then another, half dressed girl darting across the corridor, we went to locate our rooms. Well…. Filthy, dirty rooms with large windows that you can not lock (with a ladder propped up from the garden to the flat roof outside the window?) And the smell? What is that smell? Damp? Dirt? Bodily fluids (evidence of this can be seen on the walls, ceilings and carpets). Death? Who knows? We contemplated sleeping in our clothes (leaving our shoes on) sleeping in the car or just cutting our losses (rather than our wrists) and going home. We chose to drive the home. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone! Avoid at all costs!!!

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    Taeyeon Offord img 1

    Shocking place, avoid like the plague. Luckily for us they had messed up the booking, so I went to a travelodge for the same price. However that was shocking but still pleased this place had messed up so we didn't have to ensure the sticky furniture and carpet a second longer.